Writer’s Strike Looms


Please take a minute to read this very informative article on the possible writer’s strike by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) via The New York Times. With any luck, there will be little effect on our market. However, if the strike actually moves forward, then we are certain to feel it.

Here’s how.


We have just eased our way out of pilot season, and we are gearing up for summer features. Many are already in the works, and we are not necessarily going to lose any of that work in the coming months. The great news for us in Georgia is that there are always roles to be cast in features that are strictly marked for local hires.


Upfronts are held in New York in mid-May. It is an opportunity for the networks to announce their new fall and spring line-up to advertisers and the press.  Upfronts overall attendance is likely to be down with networks sending fewer to NY for the unveiling. Everyone seems to be holding their breath and waiting to see.


If a strike does happen, episodic season will be affected. Pens go down. Pilots will not be pushed into production, and other shows already in production will shut down. The impact will likely push series premieres into October, and that is if the strike is short-lived.


Auditions are slowing as pilot season winds down. That said, there are still some pilots for cable and streaming services that are being released and a few episodics are currently shooting. In short, it will mean fewer auditions during an already slower time for us. If the strike goes full steam ahead, we could be majorly impacted, leaving the start date of episodic season, usually in late July and into August, on permanent hold.

Let’s hope that the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television producers can find a compromise. At this point, it is hard to tell. As always, it pays to stay informed. Informed about the industry and updates on the WGA.

Be in the know.

IMAGES: Courtesy of Jan Kahánek/UnSplash