Series & Features Throughout The Year



We spend a lot of time talking about the basic calendar year for TV/Film. How things fall, etc. With the recent additions of platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and the number of New Media projects, the structure is less defined, but there is still a basic outline.

Yes, pilots are spread out throughout the year, but we are still seeing the majority of them between January and early April. This year we started later and had several things drizzling in throughout April. Those pilots are shot and in the can before UpFronts which take place the 3rd week of May in New York. At UpFronts, the major television networks gather to preview upcoming fall and midseason series. The decisions about whether or not a pilot will be picked up and moved into a slot on network rosters happen here.

The shoot schedule for episodic season starts up as we go into the fall. We often see some shows coming back as early as July and into August. Episodics are generally shot through the fall and wrap as we move into the holiday season or take a hiatus, returning after the first of the year to shoot the back half of the episodes.

We have features shooting throughout the year, but there is usually an abundance during the late spring and summer months between pilot and episodic seasons.


We had mixed news about some of our pilots over the past few weeks. The Jury, Hail Mary and the Untitled Paranormal Project sadly did not get picked up. Notorious, Making History (which may well shoot in LA), STAR (Untitled Pilot), and OZARK were picked up.

Another bit of good news: Sleepy Hollow is getting another season.

If you do not already have it marked as a favorite, you should. TVbytheNumbers provides a wealth of info and is a terrific resource for network and other shows.  There are up-to-date ratings, notices and predictions about cancellations and renewals. Check it out here.

And, what I say today, may not be true tomorrow. 

Image Credit: Pawel Kadysz/Unsplash