Taped Auditions

The audition is the win. In this world of self-taped auditions, I realize it is very frustrating not to go in a room and show what you can do.  We can spend days writing about how much this takes away from the actor and the process.  I understand, but that is not now, and it is not our market.  You will be doing self-tapes.

So, you need to find a way to love them as much as going in the room. You are an actor, and you love to act.  I assume as the adage goes that there is nothing else that you can possibly do that lights a fire in you and makes you feel completely fulfilled. Acting is it for you.

With every taped audition request you receive, you are being asked to act. Isn’t that what you wanted? Embrace it.  You can do whatever you want with this audition.  In fact, you can now mount your own full-scale production. You control the lights, sound, and wardrobe. Best of all, you are the director. You make all the choices. The only thing that would be more amazing is if you actually got paid to do it.  But with the audition, the possibility of booking is being presented as well. The audition is the win.

While you wait for the next audition, feed the artist in you. If you do not have a group of actors that you can exercise your acting chops with, then start looking for them. Write your own work, tape, critique and share. Repeat. Your success depends partially on your ability to be in the right positive space as an artist when the auditions do land. There should never be a sense of needing to get ready to audition. You are always ready and waiting for the next opportunity.

And, what I say today, may not be true tomorrow.