Headshots I

Headshots are your first audition.  Just like everything else, the trends for headshots change on a regular basis. Currently in our market, you need a range of shots to give you as many opportunities as possible.  If casting receives an average of 500 or more submissions for every role that they release, there is precious little time for them to see a headshot and take the time to discern whether the actor is really right for the role based purely on that picture. It is our job as an agent to provide the best of your shots for that role, and one that is in line with the character description. In fact, choosing the right headshot to submit for a role is one of my favorite aspects of the submission process. We spend a lot of time spinning our wheels over what we do not have control over, but you have control over the shots put up on the casting sites. Your agent has control over which one to choose when they submit you.

Five to six shots is the magic number. We are aiming to get as many audition appointments for you as possible. It is great to know your brand, but our market demands that we have a varied range of shots, so we can procure that audition.  Ultimately, casting may decide that you are not right for a role, but we want you to have a chance to prove that through your audition.

If your shots are more than two years old, then you should be thinking about doing new shots. It does not matter that your look has not changed. I realize that new pictures are expensive, but there is a cost of doing business to be considered, and that is one of them. Just like a photographer has to pay for the camera they use to shoot, there are expenses that you will incur to be an actor.

New headshots grab our attention. Our market is attracting more and more new faces. As actors move here from the L.A. market and other locations, there will be even greater numbers catching the attention of the casting directors, so keep things fresh and current with your shots.

More to come…