Pilot Season

Pilot Season! Woohoo! It looks like it hit, literally in the past 4 days.

Get ready and be realistic.

There will be opportunities for everyone, regardless of your experience level. Particularly with pilots and new series, that Nurse that starts as 3 lines, 1 scene, may turn into a recurring role.  We had one actor who booked a role as a possible recur, and he has been on every episode since.  The writers think he is fabulous. This scenario is becoming both common and everyday. Guest Star credits and over-scale rates are opening up more, but they require enough experience to warrant the ask.

Know that if you do not have recent and recognizable credits, you should not be submitted or pitched for a series regular role.  Even if the local casting director loves your work, it is nearly impossible to get past those pesky producers and network folks if you are not seasoned. It is too big a risk, and they cannot get approval.  Not only that, but you are asking to be pushed on a role that your resume is not ready for yet.  The most important part of that sentence is YET. Continue to build your resume with recognizable credits, putting together a reel with recent episodics and features. Be patient, and you will have those opportunities.*

They are coming, and of course, there are exceptions to every rule. As I am sure some of your are reading and have very different experiences.

And finally: what I say today, may not be true tomorrow.

*The information listed above will not make everyone happy.